​Choose Smart With Pool Covers - SAVE WATER

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A good swimming pool is a beautiful decor element that can turn your backyard into the ultimate party hangout. The calm and still water creates a perfect atmosphere to relax your mind and let go of all the stress. The beauty of your backyard swimming pool reflects the work that you have put in to maintain the pool and keep it clean and hygienic.

Overnight, your pretty swimming pool becomes a disaster when the wind picks up and turns everything upside down. It will become a disastrous pool full of twigs, leaves and debris from last night’s wind. If you had invested money on a pool cover instead of that inflatable floating bar, your little paradise wouldn't have to face such natural attacks. It's better late than never, so invest in pool covers as soon as possible.

8 Reasons To Get A Smart Swimming Pool Cover

1. Slows Evaporation

Pool covers help prevent evaporation of water from the swimming pool. Evaporation is quite usual and happens on a daily basis, therefore, think wise and save water by covering your swimming pool with a pool cover.

2. Cuts Chemical Usage

An open pool will have a lot of debris falling in it. We make use of chemicals to clean up the pool to get rid of impurities. Usage of pool covers reduces the consumption of chemicals up to 60 percent.

3. Reduce Heat Loss

In the day time, the pool gets heated up. At night, when you cover a heated swimming pool, it will help reduce heat loss. If your swimming pool relies on the sun for heat, then covering it at night helps keep it warm enough to swim the next day. Pool covers help to preserve all the heat overnight when the temperatures go down, the cover tries to maintain the water temperature.

4. Prevents Falling Of Leaves

A pool without a cover, makes things go out of control. Leaves, twigs and yard debris blow or fall directly into the pool, making it dirty. Dead insects, shedding shrubs also fill the pool with leaves. Cleaning your swimming pool is going to take up half of your weekend time. It's better to use a pool cover and not waste your precious time fishing out every leaf, rather spend it swimming and having fun.

5. Less Maintenance

Who enjoys cleaning the swimming pool on a weekend? Everyone wants to party with their friends and family. Wouldn't it be nice to clean in a shorter amount of time than usual? Pool covers help to maintain your swimming pool and saves both time and energy.

6. Saves Money

Swimming pool accessories compliment the entire area. It's important to decide which elements are worth the expense and which are secondary elements. You should plan and then decide on what element will be useful to you. Invest in a pool cover and experience immediate savings. Heating bills of the swimming pool will get lower and you will save money by not having to purchase as many chemicals as you normally would. Pool cover would be a wise choice.

7. Energy Cost

You already know that pool covers save money in general. As far as energy goes, these covers save an immense amount of energy. It doesn't matter whether your pool is heated with gas, electricity or solar power, they help to maintain the temperature. SAVE ENERGY = SAVE MONEY

8. Conserves Water

In daytime, evaporation takes place due to the powerful rays of the sun. In order to save water, you are required to cover the swimming pool. A covered swimming pool conserves the water by losing less due to evaporation. Covering your pool means that you don't have to fill up water that often as you did when you were leaving your pool cover-less in the backyard. If you reside in a dry area, then plan to use less water by smartly using pool covers.

How It Works?

Evaporation is one of the main reasons why swimming pools lose energy. The evaporation rate of water from an outdoor pool highly varies from the pool that's indoors or under a shade. It also depends on the pool's temperature, humidity, and air temperature along with the speed of the wind around the pool surface.

If the pool temperature and the speed of wind are high along with low humidity, then it can lead to a high evaporation rate. You can make use of trees, shrubs or a fence to break the speed of the wind to reduce the evaporation. Place the trees carefully as you don't want the swimming pool to be under the shade of the tree since the sun helps to heat it up.

Even indoor pools lose a lot of energy through evaporation. These pools require room ventilation to control the indoor humidity which is caused by a large amount of evaporation. The ventilated air needs to be conditioned, which adds to the costs. Pool covers help to minimize the evaporation for both the indoor and outdoor pools. Covering the pool is the smartest thing to do as it reduces the pool heating costs. Pool covers help to save energy up to 70%.


While putting up the pool covers, make sure that they are tightly fixed, to prevent accidents and save both energy as well as money.