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Maxi Solar Blanket 500 Micron 2.6m Wide


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Maxi Solar Blanket 500 Micron 2.6m Wide

This Maxi Solar Blanket is a standard 6m wide, please choose your length from the drop box below.

The Maxi Solar Blanket is produced using two-ply polyethylene (Grade 4 LDPE) material with colour pigments as well as additives and stabilisers to strengthen and protect against UV rays, solar heat and pool chemicals. The bottom layer makes up two thirds of the material and is formed into air cells that allow the cover to float on the water and insulate against colder night-time air temperatures.

Maxi Solar Blanket’s eliminate water evaporation by over 98%. Making the pool more water friendly and becomes cheaper to top up, also helps reduce energy consumption by up to 50% which during the day the water temperature by up to 4°C, and at night helps retain the heat as the material acts as an insulator preventing the cooler air from making direct contact with the water and dropping its temperature.

Having a Maxi Solar Blankets will help reduce chemical consumption by up to 50%, as the blanket helps eliminates the debris in the water, and the water evaporation is lowered in turn saves the chemicals evaporating also.

To maximize the benefits of a swimming pool cover, the pool should remain covered whenever it is not in use. Always recover the pool immediately after swimming. (And never swim with a pool cover on or partially on the pool!)

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