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EG500 EnergyGuard™ Pool Cover 6.4m Wide


Product Description

The EG500 - EnergyGuard™ is a tough durable 500 micron pool cover which has a dark blue top surface and black underside. This EG500 is 6.4m wide please choose your length from the drop box below.

It is this combination that gives EG500 - EnergyGuard™ cover the ability to provide a variety of benefits to the end user. This ranges from reducing the personal costs of maintaining a pool and the desire to save natural resources, to the practicalities of reducing electricity and water usage where supply is limited.

The EnergyGuard™ cover inhibits algae growth in outdoor and indoor swimming pools, it also stops light from entering the water, therefore stopping photosynthesis and inhibiting algae growth, this can greatly reduce filtration and pump running time by up to 50%, SAVING ON ELECTRICITY COSTS

EnergyGuard™ will eliminate water evaporation by over 98% and also reduce chemical consumption by up to 60%, reduces debris such as leaves, dirt and insects, and has a 6 year pro rata warranty.

The EnergyGuard™ material's dark blue pigmentation absorbs the sun's energy and transfers this energy to the pool, heating the surface of the pool water. This increases the pool's temperature by up to 6 to 8˚C compared to a pool left uncovered.

The combination of adding heat, reducing chemical demand and blocking light makes  EnergyGuard™ a good choice for pools in sporadic use, such as pools in holiday homes or where the pool will be slowed down for the cooler months. By providing chemical and filtration savings during winter and allowing for fast pool start ups and temperature regulation during the summer, you are able to save money and energy while still getting the most out of your swimming pool.

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