About Solar BlanketsSolar Blankets

The solar blanket is a great investment for swimming pool owners of Australia. The function of the solar blanket lies in trapping and retaining heat. It is found as a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, which allows solar energy to pass through. Heat is retained in the swimming pool, and cannot be dissipated back into the atmosphere because of its design. It is also beneficial for heated pools where it works as a thermal blanket.

Heat in swimming pools is usually lost due to evaporation. The best way to prevent heat loss is with the use of solar blankets. They thus save on heating costs and at the same time, act as barrier from leaves and debris entering the pool. Solar blankets are found as one-piece extrusions; which does not mean that the solar blanket is made of a single piece. It means that the material is made of homogenous blends of polymers and co-polymers that are found in a single layer.

Most solar blankets in Australia come with a storage reel that facilitates the easy use of a solar blanket. It is portable and lightweight, which makes the process of storing the blanket an easy job that can be handled by a single person.

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