Pool Safety – Swimming with Children

Swimming pools can be very dangerous for children and swimming pools in Australia are required to have child safety barriers that prevent access to children. Fencing is also required by law with gates that are self-closing and self-latching that are higher than a child’s reach.

Children should never be left unattended in a pool or pool area and someone should be designated to keep an eye on children in the pool area. Anyone watching children should know CPR procedures including baby sitters. Keep phone CPR chart and lifesaving equipment readily available. Children should be made aware of rules in the pool area such as “no running”, “no pushing”, “no dunking” and “never swim alone”. The use of floatation devices or reliance on swimming lessons should never be used as a substitute for supervision. Keep toys away from water, as children may be tempted to reach for them and fall into the water and remove all toys from the pool after use. Air filled floats are not a life saving device. Parents should be educated with regard to good hygiene while their children are swimming. Toddlers still in diapers should never go in the pool without water resistant diapers.

By learning proper supervision skills installing council approved pool fencing, learn swimming and safety skills, infant and child CPR, you will make swimming for your child much safer and greatly reduce the risk of injury or drowning.

www.poolsafety.com.au provides Australian standards and guidelines for child pool safety.


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